Dress for Success Fund

Given how competitive the internship market is, dressing professionally is a must. Employers expect interns to be dressed for the part and a recent survey conducted by USA Today states how millennials are losing out on professional opportunities simply for not dressing in the proper attire. Unfortunately, professional attire is not cheap and will set back interns back hundreds of dollars. Pay Our Interns is launching our "Dress for Success Fund," and will be awarding up to $350 per awardee that will go toward professional clothes for their summer internships. 


1. Enrolled at a community college, four-year institution or graduate school. 

2. Proof of place where you will be interning at this summer. 

3. If awarded a scholarship, you must show that funds were used to purchase professional attire.


1. Send an email with your resume, the place you will be interning at, a brief explanation of how this scholarship will help you this summer, and how much you need exactly (i.e. you need $150 for a blazer etc). 

Deadline: May 10, 2017

Email: info@payourinterns.com

Note: We may highlight some of our awardees on our website etc.