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Double Standard for Intern Pay?

"If someone is for the 'Fight for $15' but doesn't pay their interns, we see that as someone that's not truly invested in helping lower-income people," he said. "If they campaign on raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, but then don't pay their interns behind peoples' backs, I would call it phony."

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#NBCLatino20: The Equalizer, Carlos Mark Vera

"If you have rich interns, those rich interns become staffers, and then the decisions will be in the hands of 23-year-old rich kids who are mostly white," he said. "That has implications for our democracy. We need to have them at the table."


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This nonprofit is fighting against unpaid internships

“Our biggest goal is to ensure that students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds have the same opportunities than those who can afford to do an unpaid internship,” Creamer said. “Let’s face it: Most of the legislative assistants, legislative directors and the people that end up working on the Hill once interned, so it really benefits students that can’t afford to have those paid internships, so that one day they can move on to being a legislative director in office.”

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Congress Called Out For Not Paying Interns

Vera is the founder of Pay Our Interns, a bipartisan, nonprofit organization that aims to increase the number of paid internships in government and the private sector. He is also one of the authors of a new Pay Our Interns report titled “Experience Doesn’t Pay The Bills: Why Paid Internships are a Must in Congress.”

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"Here's a list of every US senator that does — and doesn't — pay interns" by James Dennin-Mic The Payoff

That's one reason why a group called Pay Our Interns is trying to help end the practice of unpaid internships — starting on Capitol Hill. On Tuesday, the group rolled out a database of paid internships in the U.S. Senate. Mic took this list and then followed up with senators' offices to confirm the accuracy of the database and include senators that pay interns but were left off the original list.


"Challenging D.C.'s Tradition Of Unpaid Government Internships" by Parth Shah-NPR Morning Edition

The Department of Labor has guidelines for companies that want to keep unpaid interns. Essentially, unpaid interns have to be treated like students and shouldn't do the work of paid employees.

Those rules, however, don't apply to government agencies.

"If America runs on Dunkin' Donuts, D.C. runs on unpaid internships," says Carlos Vera, the founder of a campaign called Pay Our Interns. The campaign's guiding principle: how much money your parents make shouldn't keep you from getting work experience.


"Want to change Washington? Start paying your interns, campaign says" by Elise Viebeck-The Washington Post

There are two common ways of thinking about Washington internships.

One, as a rite of passage for ambitious young people. And two, as singular opportunities available only to candidates whose parents are wealthy enough to foot the bill.

The latter (and let’s face it, more realistic) view is motivating a new campaign for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump to pay interns at the White House. Meet Pay Our Interns, a nonpartisan group called to action by the dearth of interns of color, especially, in unpaid roles.


"New Org 'Pay Our Interns' Reaches Out to Both Pres. Candidates" by Brian Latimer-NBC News

With less than a month until the Presidential election, a group of young Latino lawmakers and organizers are urging the presidential candidates to pledge to support a cause important to millennials — paid internships.

"This is basic economics, which is why we are reaching out to both the Clinton and Trump campaigns to push this issue," Carlos Vera, one of the organizers of the newly formed group Pay Our Interns, told NBC Latino

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Interview with Founder Carlos Vera by Susie Poppick-Mic Trending

Unpaid interns in big U.S. cities effectively pay more than $6,000 just to get work experience. MoneyMic is here with Pay Our Interns to find out how we can fight back.

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"Why Don’t Democrats Pay Their Interns?" by Conor McGrath-Rise News

For a party that claims to fight for the rights of workers, not paying interns is especially hypocritical. In fact, it’s downright embarrassing.

Every year, thousands of young progressives descend on Washington to intern for Democratic lawmakers. And around the country, thousands more take internships on state and Congressional races each election cycle. For many young Progressives, an internship like this is the surest way to get a feel for politics.


"Unpaid Internships Blocking Latinx Talent" by Nicole Castillo-BeVisible

In an increasingly competitive job market, getting real world, marketable skills remains critical. Obtaining a college degree is simply not enough. Job seekers know that work experience is still indispensable to getting a call back on your resume, and inevitably, your foot in the front door. For undergraduate, graduate, and sometimes those already in the workforce, internships play a significant role in fulfilling a dearth work experience.


"AU alum advocates for paid internships" by Anna Donohue-The Eagle

Recent AU alum Carlos Vera is making waves in D.C. with his campaign Pay Our Interns, which aims to push organizations to compensate their interns.  

Despite the fact that the campaign is only a few months old, it is making waves in the media and has garnered support from at least four politicians, according to its website, including Councilwoman Nancy Navarro (MD), Councilman Andy Vargas (MD), Commissioner Walter Deleon (DC) and former state Representative Solomon Ortiz Jr. (TX).


"Pay the interns" by Dhanya Addanki, Matt Gayer, Colleen Shaffer, Erik Lampmann and Hayden Higgins-Seven:Thirty Newsletter

Remember that Paul Ryan selfie fail? Well, the issue of diversity and inclusivity in internships ranges beyond the world of politics. Internships are often a semi-required first step in a career. Many are unpaid, which limits the opportunity to people who have enough privilege to pay for cost of living through other means. A new group is trying to get the next President to commit to paying their interns--especially Democrats who support minimum wage yet have unpaid interns.


"Pay Our Interns: A Fight For the Millennials of Today" by Neelu Mohaghegu-WTBU On the Verge

On this past week’s episode of On The Verge, WTBU’s Radio Talk and Music Show, we had the opportunity to speak to an inspiring collegiate individual who launched a campaign with his friend stop the absurdity of unpaid internships. With their organization, Pay Our Interns, Guillermo Creamer, spoke up and out about the inequality of our generation’s workforce.

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"Why Associations Should Have Interns-and Pay Them" by Emily Bratcher-Associations Now

About a decade ago, I was having the time of my life as an intern at an interior design magazine in London.

I spent my days calling up PR folks and enquiring about press samples, running all over Oxford High Street picking up everything from fabric swatches to pillows, writing stories, drinking tea, and chatting with my editors. I was working